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Free Walking Tour The Hague

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Free Walking Tour The Hague
Guru: Elswhere
Days: Sunday, Friday, and Saturday
Hours: 10:30 and 14:00
Languages: English
Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes
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Free Tour in The Hague: Discover the Most Stately City in Holland

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Free Tour in The Hague: Discover the Most Stately City in Holland
Guru: Camaleon Tours
Days: Sunday
Hours: 11:00
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
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Best places to visit in The Hague

The most famous coastal town in the Netherlands is one of the preferred tourist destinations for Europeans who are keen to enjoy one of the most interesting locations in central Europe. It is known worldwide as the home of the International Criminal Court and for hosting the United Nations International Court of Justice. Located in the northwest of the country, it also has a great number of interesting sites to see, of great fame and of recommendable tourist interest.

This Dutch city is a perfect weekend plan, especially for those people who want to know one of the most interesting, entertaining and recommended cities of the old continent. A perfect destination to enjoy an exciting city, with one of the most interesting gastronomy based on "bitterballen", a kind of croquette as an appetizer, mashed potato "stamppot", or pea soup or "Erwtensoep", as well as some of its famous cheeses like Edam or Gouda. People who are approaching the city for the first time and want to see the essential places to see in it, it is recommended that they choose the free walking tour in The Hague, a simple, professional and enjoyable way to get to know the spirit of the town, get to know the most important places to see and discover the most attractive corners.

Visiting the most recommended places in the city means getting close to the mythical Het Plein Square, where you can get to know one of the liveliest areas of the Dutch city. Other points of interest are the Plaats Square, the Ridderzaal or Knights' Hall, or the old medieval prison of Gevangenpoort. Culture lovers have an interesting offer with the Prison Museum, the Escher Museum and the Mauritshuis Museum. Other points of interest are the traditional buildings of Binnenhof, or the peaceful Hofvijver pond, known by the nickname of Court Lake.

Visiting the city with the free tour in The Hague is one of the best ways to make the most of your days there. With this tour it is possible to get close to the most interesting places in the city; an excellent alternative to the traditional excursions that barely cover the most important points. 

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