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Free Classic Tour by Bilbao

  • Bilbao
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About the tour

Bilbao is known for its modern architecture and for being a city that looks to the future with enthusiasm and energy. But to reach that point a 700-year road was traveled in which the town evolved from its old quarter to Modern Bilbao.

Meet with Buendía Tours and the hand of a local guide the most emblematic places of the "Bilbao of all life".

We will get lost in the streets of Casco Viejo knowing stories and characters that left their imprint in the labyrinthine origin of the city. We will know the Cathedral of Santiago, the Mercado de la Ribera and the favorite area of ​​bars of the people of Bilbao.

Bilbao is more than a city, it is a way of being, for that reason, we will highlight illustrious citizens like Miguel de Unamuno, Don Diego Lope de Haro or Juan Crisóstomo de Arriaga, with the theater that bears his name.

We will continue the visit to El Arenal, a favorite recreation area for the Bilbao aristocracy and we will see how the Ría is an inescapable element of the life and history of the city.

On this trip through the bowels of the city we will talk about pintxos, why Bilbao is called "El botxo", the character of the people of Bilbao and unique words that only make sense in the city.

If you come to Bilbao you can not miss it. We will wait for you!

In this two-hour visit, we will discover together with our local guide and accredited the most exciting places in the city, on a journey not only to its history, but to its very essence.

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How to find me: Enfrente del Ayuntamiento con un paraguas y una camiseta de color Negro
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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3 months ago

Fue excelente, buen servicio.



5 months ago




6 months ago

I took a tour this morning with Teles. It was a wonderful tour. I learned a lot, Teles answered all of my questions, and overall it was a wonderful experience.



1 years ago

Indigo is a great narrator of history of Bilbao. He entertained us with many anecdotes which made the tour much more interesting and fun. Highly recommend a tour with Indigo.

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