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Free tour of the favela rio de janeiro 4

Free favela tour - rio de janeiro

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Available in: English

About the tour

Come with us and discover one of Brasil’s most famous favelas, Santa Marta, and see how a quarter of Rio’s population, the “people of the hill” as favela inhabitants are known, live in peace through what has been described as creative survival.

Learn how the favelas started after the abolishment of slavery in 1888, and how Rio was the single port in the world with received most slaves, 11 times more than the whole USA only in Rio. See how the illegal housing grew eating away natural spaces, leaving a very interesting area in which cultural tourism and ecotourism go hand in hand. Be amazed at how it has become an economically self-sufficient city within Rio de Janeiro.

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How to find me: Praça Corumbá, on the sidewalk of Rua São Clemente in Botafogo neighboorhood. In front of the Touristic Information Kiosk.

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Francisco Marroquin

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Jean Alia Robles

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Great tour and amazing lou made the tour so much of a learning experience. thank you

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