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We know Paris as the palm of our hand and we want to show it to you, so that you can also know it as a local. Are you going to miss it?

We know Paris as the palm of our hand and we want to show it to you, so that you can also know it as a local. Are you going to miss it?

About the tour

In sight of the world, already old acquaintances of all of us, are in Paris the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Opera Garnier, the Champs Elysees and many other monuments, streets and neighborhoods that make Paris the city we see, in the city we discover and in the city we will always want to return to. But ... what about the Paris we don't see? The one that doesn't shine? The one that seems to hide? The streets and monuments of Paris keep hidden stories, welcome strange characters and still keep alive legends that, in the City of Light, found their place in the shade. It is precisely those shadows that we are pursuing in this alternative Tour. Our guides know these mysteries and these legends on this tour "Paris de Leyenda", are waiting for you to tell them all. Do you dare to approach the history of the barber and the pastry chef? Of them, in addition to a macabre story, there were films like "Sweeney Todd, the devilish barber of Fleet Street." Would you look for the owners of the bones of the Catacombs of Paris? . Nor would it be fair to say that all legends are bathed in blood. The city of love is true that it does not have Romeo and Juliet, Verona would never have allowed it, but it has Heloise and Pierre Abelard ... TO DISCOVER ON OUR FREE TOUR PARIS OF LEGEND If you decide to undertake this trip with Buendía Tours, yes you fancy an alternative way of seeing Paris, this alternative Tour (allow us, for this time the redundancy), “Paris de Leyenda”, these are some of the legends and places that you can know by the hand of our guides: The legend of the Diabolic Barber La Concergerie. Palace, revolutionary court and jail of Marie Antoinette (it was also her last "home"). From here we will not leave without the history of the guillotine. The Saint-Jacques Tower, which with its 54 meters is a luxury of the flamboyant Gothic that the city offers us. The Massacre of St. Bartholomew, the murder of Huguenots that terrorized and toured Paris during the months of the year 1572. The Church of Saint Eustache, in the heart of Les Halles, one of the most visited places in Paris. The Square of the Innocents. Once in Les Halles, we will also reach this square and its source and here we can know its history. Everything in Paris has a history ... This and much, much more ... ITINERARY OF THE FREE TOUR PARIS OF LEGEND On this occasion our history begins in the same place where the history of Paris began, in the Illé de la Cité . Here the first inhabitants of Paris, the Parisi, built the first settlements, from here they fought the Roman invasions and this was the place where a complex and fascinating history of centuries and cultures began to be woven. We will walk through the Concergerie, the fearsome prison that produced so much fear in Paris with just his name, especially (remember that this is a tour in search of the legends and the bloodiest stories of the city) in the Tower of “Good Peak". Without leaving the neighborhood we will go to Chamoinesse street and, in the shadow of the Notre Dame Cathedral, our guides will face two of the legends without which you cannot leave Paris: the legend of the barber and the macabre pastry chef and the tragic love story from Heloise and Pierre-Abelard. On the right of the Seine River, we will arrive at the town hall square to meet here with the history of the guillotine, the executioners and that fear of the Revolution. We have all the courage to go to the entrance of the Louvre and there to hear and know the history that triggered and enlivened the massacre of St. Bartholomew. In the middle of the story, the legend and the miracle, do not cease to marvel at the Church of Saint-Germain de l'Auxerrois. Not far away we will discover where the "Well of Love" was and what was the reason for its popularity ... The tour progresses, we continue to discover the legends and now we reach the rue de la Ferronerie, where we will talk about King Henry IV and, specifically, the regicide that ended the life of this king so dear to the French. We will return knowing what the origin of the Catacombs was, this will be told by our guides in the Plaza de los Inocentes. And at the end of this free tour "Paris de Leyenda", the last stop of our alternative visit to Paris, what is short?, Is in Georges Pompidou Center. From him we will know not only the controversy of its construction but also the most improbable works that are inside. The guides, depending on the weather conditions, or by imponderables that make them necessary for the proper development of the visit, may vary this itinerary.

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How to find me: Place Louis Lépine at the exit of the Cité metro (Line 4)
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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