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I was born in Downtown (Downtown) and there I used to do a walking tour and I saw with my own eyes how Amman has developed for more than 50 years, and i know alot about culture and things how comes big defrant from that time whats yang people don't know about it . .I was the first person start the walking tours in Amman, and I speak as a witness about Amman. And I have about 200 reviews at Facebook in 2 pages, free walking tour in Amman Because we started to talk about it at Facebook from long time ago. And I have above 100 reviews at tripadvisor Olso free walking tour in Amman and more And some in anther deffrant side's all for Mohammad. Because iem only Mohammad doing walking tour in Amman on other platforms like trip advisor. All real reviews , I talk about social relations, how they were and how they have become now, and I talk about old real stories, and where were the old houses that we used to play when we were children, and where were me and my children friends picking berries, and how was the purchase of vegetables and food because, I used to go with my parents to buy from the oldest vegetable market in Amman and it still exists. Also I talk about the different markets in Amman and the story of each market and the reason for its name. Some of these markets have funny reasons for their naming. I am trying to make this tour different, and its theme is about the culture of the local community and more social comes from someone who lived it and is not found in books. Because I am trying to show the visitor the social and cultural life of the people of Amman. Except for anything touristy or tourism-related.

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Tour description

We should meet at the Amman Pasha Hotel, opposite the Roman Amphitheater, and there you must ask about Muhammad, who does the walking tour.

Then we go up to the roof of the hotel to see the distinctive view of old Amman and explain from there how the tour will be, we will explain there the modern history of Amman, the interesting stories about Amman and the distinctive places.
We will talk about the tour and how it will be, and about the memories of how Amman was and how it is now.
There is nothing related to politics, religion, ethnicity, or anything that provokes sensitivity.

Then the tour begins by walking in the oldest main street in Amman and the old market, after that we head to Saef Al-Sail Street, and (Rove of River) as I remember this area before the street was built.
The explanation will happen during walking or stopping sometimes to give details about few places.

Then we stop at the oldest vegetable and food market in Amman and talk about it before visiting it.
We stop at each market and explain everything related to it before actually visiting it, including the history and the reason for naming them.
Visitors will also see the funny strange food that some Jordanians eat. There is a lot of laughter on this tour, I want to make the visitors happy with this tour.
Also, we will visit the most famous mosque in Amman, which is the symbol of Amman, and talk about it and what was before it was a mosque and the old buildings too.
At the end of the tour, visitors will also go through and see the old pictures of Amman, which proves what was explained to them

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  • Meeting point:
    Ash Shabsough 4, Amman, Jordan
    Ash Shabsough 4, Amman, Jordan

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Komal 07 Jun 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Jun 2023
Mohammad was great. Was nice to hear the history from a local and understand how the passage of time has changed the city of Amman.
Ann 07 Jun 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Jun 2023
We had a great evening walk with Mohammad. We loved where the tour started from, the route we took, and had great conversation. The group stayed together afterwards and had a bite to eat at one of the restaurants Mohammad recommended, and the food was amazing. It was also fun watching him say hello to every second person we walked past, he obviously knows a lot of people around here!
laura 04 Jun 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Jun 2023
An interesting storyteller born and raiders on Amman. Interesting visit and very helpful person
Giacomo 03 Jun 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Jun 2023
Thanks for the tour! Aroa and I really enjoyed it. Everything was nice, from the starting terrace to the places visited, which contributed to our liking of Amman!
Stephen 03 Jun 2023

Verified booking
Travelled alone - May 2023
A lot to love about this tour: from the history of the city on a rooftop, straight from the mouth of a local, to the on-the-ground wanderings in the city, this is not to be missed.
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