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Old Havana Tour

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About the guru Yosvani

I am from Havana, Cuba, I like to help people and I believe in God. I can help you with good experiences in Havana, good free walking tour, waiting!!!

I am from Havana, Cuba, I like to help people and I believe in God. I can help you with good experiences in Havana, good free walking tour, waiting!!!

About the tour

Historical tour (2 hours).

The four important squares are the classic historical tour, we going to visit more places, we going to speak about important and curious places we going to visit, we learn history and will have fun, the main idea is to have knowledge about the marvelous city of Havana and to enjoy a sui generis tour. Learning and smiling discovering the colors and secrets of Havana. The real life of the Cuban people, the social and actual life of Cuba, seeing the common Cuban not only the areas with tourism, La Perla de las Antillas is more than a social revolution. Is people with a social life, culture, architecture, with a desire for a global mind, Cubans are more than Salsa, Mojitos, Daiquiris, Ropa Vieja, cigars and Havana Club.

Cuba is too the destiny of experiences to your happiness, we think to help you with that. We going to see the borders of Old Havana, with the tour and you will understand since the very beginning so far, foundation of the village San Cristobal de la Habana, the culture, histories, important fact that are the back bone of Cuban identity.

Plaza de Armas.

Was not the first in Cuba, because the urbanization law was the first, the law was one years, the square had four divisions, every division had a fountain, a Royal Palm tree, a Guano tree and a Ceiba. On the center of this square we can see the statue in honor to the founding Father Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the person that gave the liberty to the slaves in Cuba, October 10, 1868.

We have important palaces:

Segundo Cabo (1770-1773)

We had there the Royal Post Office, was the house of Segundo Cabo of Cuba, that is the reason of the name. It has a big yard with a design from Andalucía and beautiful trees, offices and common rooms , the Senate was there between 1902 and 1923, was Cuban Books Institute and National Culture Council, now has the Interactive Museum or Intelligent Museum.

Palacio de los Capitanes Generales.

Was built on the basement of Parroquial Mayor (1524-1574), was destroyed by the explosion in Santa Bárbara, a ship with powder that the Spanish had on the bay. Built in 1792 because was necessary a better house to the Captain General, between 1791 and 1898, more than 65 captains lived there, it is considered the most important building, in 1828 was built a throne expecting the visit of the royalty to the new world, they did not visit the new world. In 1898 Spain signed the surrender and Cuba was later colony of the United States of America, the palace was the Presidential Palace between 1902 and 1928, with Tomás Estrada Palma in 1902 like the first president. The square was used to military exercises and was noisy too because the horses and carts, because the Spanish wanted to sleep the siesta they made the only street with wood we had so far, it is in front of the palace, the captain was Miguel Tacón, the street is Tacón in honor to him. May be the reason was because “Happy wife, happy life” …

The Horter building, the first embassy of the United States of America in Cuba.

We can see in this square a small park with one seat and tow trees that were a Michelle Obama´s donation when she was in Cuba with her husband Barack Obama. The first train we had in Cuba in 1837 in front of Santa Isabel Hotel, first hotel with the bathrooms inside the rooms and women like workers, they were bilingual, may be the first feminists in Cuba… breaking patterns (steps out of the box).

We going to visit El Templete, the first neoclassic building in Cuba, place where we had the foundation of the village San Cristobal de la Havana, and the first catholic ceremony. Inside this temple, three paintings by Jean Baptiste Vermay, representing the Council, the inauguration of the village and the first catholic ceremony.

Castillo de la Real Fuerza (1577).

The headquarter of the Spanish, was to far from the entrance of the bay, had other problem to the other side of the bay, the hill where now you can see San Carlos de la Cabaña used by the English when they took Havana. Was built to protect the city against pirates and enemies from different countries. You can see one tower where it is the copy of “La Giraldilla” the original is inside the museum, this building was the National Library, now it is the navy Museum.

San Carlos de la Cabaña (1774).

To the other site of the bay we can see a fortress with 700 meters large and more than 40 feet every part of the wall, has a military architecture, inside this beauty you can enjoy the canons ceremony at 9:00 PM. There are a lot of original canons inside, they could throw a bullet 500 meters at the distance.

We go all over Oficios street to the second square, “San Fransisco de Asís”, there we can see modern sculptures like “La conversación”, a donation of artist from Nederland, other in honor to Chopin, and the most popular in honor to “Caballero de París” he was not from París, was from Spain, was in prison because a false accusation, a woman that was the owner of the house he use...

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Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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Ratings (21)



3 months ago

Excellent Tour.


Raquel González Baltazar

7 months ago

El tour fue muy bueno, nos dio la oportunidad de conocer más acerca de los sitios de interés de La Habana



8 months ago

Hola viajeros y viajeras!! Les cuento que con una amiga, en nuestro paso por la Habana, acordamos con Yosvani para hacer un recorrido por las calles de esa hermosa ciudad. Con muchísima calidez nos comentó sobre datos históricos importantes y nos condujo a lugares de interés cultural que nos permitieron apreciar a la ciudad con otra visión.

Yosvani no solo es muy claro a la hora de compartir sus conocimientos sino que también es muy amable a la hora de proporcionar información y tomar fotos cuando se le solicitan. Fue una hermosa y súper recomendada experiencia.



8 months ago

If only he had showed up.

Waited 15 minutes and moved on. Maybe not enough clients . ???

Understandable . No big deal. Popped in here and there and there was always a group everywhere so pretty much did a hop on hop off free tour anyway - however would have liked to share the old Havana experience with this seemingly very knowageble GURU!



9 months ago

We had an excellent walking tour with Yosvani on the first day after we got to Havana. He is very informative, had an excellent historical and current knowledge about Havana and Cuba in general. He pointed out small details we would otherwise have missed, even after reading up many travel blogs and guidebooks on gained much insight on how the locals live there and he also gave us further tips about Havana and where to get Wifi cards and internet access etc. Yosvani is a very friendly guide and we instantly got on very well together. We felt it was good to have the walking tour on the first day to get the "bearings" in Old Havana as there is so much there to then felt comfortable to discover some other interesting places at our leisure. We highly recommend Yosvani as a guide and especially so if you have limited time in Havana. Thank you Yosvani and Guruwalk for a great walking tour!


Sonia García Reyes

1 years ago

Recomendable 100%

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