Explore the City of Tbilisi Sightseeing tour

Duration: 1h and 30min
Languages: English
Guru: Teona
Quality Verified Registered on September 17, 2023

I am happy that I have found my dream job as a tour guide. I love meeting new people and showing them amazing places in Georgia. I am introducing Georgian culture and history to the guests. Like we always say in Georgia: the guest is sent by god. This means you should always make sure guest is enjoying staying and they are happy with their visit. I also love traveling, not only in Georgia but also abroad. I still have a lot to see and explore.

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Tour description


Discover the enchantment of Tbilisi, a city that captivates travelers with its unique blend of culture, nature, and culinary delights. What makes Tbilisi so special? Is it the warm-hearted people, the joyous Georgian celebrations, or the lush greenery the city craves?

Our guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of Tbilisi. Walk the iconic Rustaveli Avenue, named after a 12th-century Georgian poet, whose words are considered a second Bible in Georgia. Uncover the stories behind the art nouveau buildings, each concealing tales of joy and pain.

Tbilisi isn't just a place; it's a personalized paradise our guide ensures you experience. Dive into the city's vibrancy, where Georgian food tantalizes taste buds, and wine seems crafted for gods. The tour concludes with a tasting of local delights, a perfect ending to your journey through the heart of Tbilisi. Immerse yourself, and let the city's charm unfold like a well-kept secret waiting to be shared. 

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What will we visit on this tour?

  • Meeting point:
    2 Freedom Square, T'bilisi, Georgia
    2 Freedom Square, T'bilisi, Georgia
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    You are going to find your tour guide in front of a Burberry shop, at Liberty square, Shalva Dadiani street 1. Send message before you arrive in WhatsApp: +995 598 834230

  • 1
    Outside visit
    Freedom Square

    Let me tell you the story why the heart of the city holds the name freedom. What makes freedom so important for our culture?

  • 2
    Outside visit
    Shota Rustaveli Avenue

    The main avenue of the city, which is named after famous Georgian poet. Who was Shota Rustaveli and what role he played to shape Georgian culture?

  • 3
    Outside visit
    Parliament of Georgia

    The Parliament of Georgia building for the first time was built during Soviet Union. After totalitarian regime the building is the temple of Democracy. How did we go to this dramatic change as a nation?

  • 4
    Outside visit
    Rose Revolution Square

    The square named after non-violent power change in 2003. What has this revolution changed in the country?

  • 5
    Outside visit
    Presidential Palace

    5th President of Georgia, Salome Zourabishvili lives nearby Rustaveli Avenue. Who is the president of Georgia today and what role she plays in shaping the country?

  • 6
    Outside visit
    Georgian National Museum

    Let me tell you what you can find in the museum and what makes it so special.

  • 7
    Outside visit
    Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi
  • 8
    Outside visit
    National Youth Palace
  • 9
    Outside visit
    Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi

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Fiona 30 Apr 2024

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Apr 2024
Teona was a wonderful guide! As a young person passionate about her home country, she provided a refreshing perspective into the current day events and its ties to the sights and history along the tour. Easy/flat walk. Would recommend!
Tony 20 Apr 2024
Canada Corner

Georgia is one of the coolest countrys food was good but that wine left me flabbergasted
Pedri 20 Apr 2024

I wanted to go to georgia since i was kid and finnaly i went there and had best tour ever with teona
karen 20 Apr 2024

Teona gurued me around! Thanks
zourav 20 Apr 2024

I was impressed. I was not expecting this much from Tbilisi. Teona made everything even more interesting and fascinating
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