Geneva, an amazing city to discover.

Discover with me one of themost beautiful cities in Europe. With a unique charm, I fell in love with Geneva as soon as I arrived and I still in love with it today.

Let me show you why the city is so special in a tour the approximately two hours in which we will discover both, its history and its native charm.

We will visit its beautiful corners and at the end of the tour I will indicate places with charm and places to eat, drink coffee, have the best nightlife.

This is a "Free tour" where you will value how much you liked it and you will contribute a quantity based on it when it finishes.

My job is to make you fall in love like I did.

Meeting point
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How to find me: In Bel-air, I’m front of Credit Suisse.
Tour Languages and Schedule:
  • Es Spanish | Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday | 10:30, 16:00
  • Gb English | Sunday, Friday, Saturday | 13:30
  • Gb English | Wednesday | 16:00
  • Gb English | Monday | 10:30