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About Baeza

In the south of Spain a great number of places of great charm are located, ideal to enjoy a small getaway, crossing its streets and savoring its tasty gastronomy. The small town of Baeza is a perfect example of all this; An Andalusian city in the region of La Loma, in the heart of the province of Jaén. This tourist destination that has its roots in the Bronze Age, can boast an interesting heritage, forged by the passage of towns such as the Roman, Visigoth and Muslim.

Touring this town implies discovering a large number of monuments and buildings - fruit of the different cultures that populated the town - but also enjoying one of the most interesting corners of Andalusia, where the beautiful landscapes and the charming streets, an appetizing gastronomy, where oil plays an essential role; Dishes such as the famous Casserole with chickpeas and cooked beans, typical puff pastry or "Virolos", or the spectacular Baezana Cod, make up only some of the most recommended specialties to try in its multiple restaurants.

Tourists who are approaching the town for the first time have the opportunity to sign up for the recommended free walking tour in Baeza, to get to know some of the most interesting corners. Sites as spectacular to visit as the impressive Cathedral, organized by Fernando III, where it is possible to admire the beautiful Puerta del Perdón or the impressive Cover of the Nativity. Next to this building, the Town Halls are another point of great interest, in addition to the Plaza de Santa María and its beautiful fountain, and the Seminary of San Felipe. Other places to see in the city of great attraction are its charismatic University, the Torre de los Aliatares or "Clock Tower", the Plaza del Pópulo or "Los Leones", or the Antigua Carnicería and the recommended Arco de Villalar; Very varied visits that are sure to please visitors who come to this Andalusian corner. Liquid gold has its maximum exponent in the didactic Museum of the Culture of the Olive Tree, an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great value of this product in the idiosyncrasy of the region.

Free tours in Baeza as an alternative to traditional excursions, are one of the best ways to take advantage of the visit to this corner of the south. A good opportunity to explore the most important points of the city, learn about its history and enter the most emblematic places of this place.

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