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About Braga

Portugal offers tourists a large number of really interesting cities, perfect for enjoying a small weekend or several day getaway, touring the most interesting and recommended points to see. Located in the northern part of the country, the city of Braga is crossed by the Cávado and Este rivers; It has an extensive cultural heritage, a large number of monuments and buildings and an attractive range of activities. Famous for having a large number of religious buildings, as well as museums, every year it attracts thousands of visitors, eager to tour the city and its essential places to visit.

One of the great attractions of the city is its recommended cuisine, based on dishes as interesting as cod in different styles; from Minhota, fashion from Braga or Narcisa. Equally recommended are other dishes such as Sarrabulho potatoes, farinhotes or casings. A must stop for travelers who travel north of the peninsula and want to visit the most important points of the Portuguese country. If you get to the city for the first time, one of the best ways to tour the city and know the essential points to visit, is through the free walking tour in Braga, a pleasant and professional way to delve into the history, tradition and buildings most important in the city. A route through such important sites as its beautiful Cathedral, The beautiful natural corner of the Monte del Bom Jesus or the well-kept Garden of Santa Barbara.

Other recommended stops in the city are the Castelo de Dona Chica, the Church of the Holy Cross, the Circus Theater, and the central Plaza de la República, the meeting point par excellence of the city. A visit to the Casa do Raio or a walk along the Rua do Souto, enjoying the buildings that dot it until reaching the emblematic Arco da Porta Nova, are other essential activities in this Portuguese town. The free tour in Braga is one of the best options for first-time visitors to the city, as it allows you to enjoy the most interesting places to see, as well as the most charismatic points. An excellent alternative for those travelers looking for a professional guided tour, guided by guides with extensive experience.

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