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Meine Frau Nidhi und ich reisen seit 11 bis 12 Jahren leidenschaftlich und erkunden verschiedene Kulturen. Unsere Liebe zum Reisen ist im Laufe der Jahre nur noch gewachsen, und seit August 2019 sind wir Gastgeber auf verschiedenen Plattformen. Wir haben Gästen aus der ganzen Welt über 1000 Offline- und Online-Sitzungen angeboten, die von Kochen, Vermittlung, Traditionen usw. reichen Feste Indiens. Wir sind stolz darauf, unsere lebendige Kultur auf einfachste Weise zu präsentieren und gleichzeitig alle Fragen zu beantworten. Als gebürtige Inder sind wir hier, um dauerhafte Beziehungen und Bindungen zu unseren Gästen aufzubauen, und es liegt uns am Herzen, Menschen durch gemeinsame Erlebnisse einander näher zu bringen. Wir hoffen, den Gästen noch lange ein unvergessliches Kulturerlebnis bieten zu können. Meine Frau Nidhi wird Co-Guru der Tour sein und Sie werden sie neben mir auf allen meinen Touren finden.

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Ratings (96)

10 Feb 2024 Los Angeles
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Jan 2024

Such a lovely experience! Roopak and Nidhi were very welcoming and made us feel right at home. We got to help cook and it was so much fun. Everything was well planned out. Would highly recommend and can’t wait to visit again if/when we are back in Delhi!

08 Feb 2024 Richmond
Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Feb 2024

I was very late to the tour and Roopak & Nidhi patiently welcomed me with open arms! I learned a lot of great cultural and historical information about India and nidhi also did the henna which I love and still enjoying. The tour ended up being one on one which for me is a little awkward since I am introverted but roopak was a great talker filled with knowledge! I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Delhi for the first time (: thank you, friends! Namaste 🙏🏾

29 Jan 2024 Santiago de Chile
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Dec 2023

Nidhi & Roopak from the moment you book this experience get in touch with you and give you very useful information and recommendations. Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet each other but I’m pretty sure they are wonderful hosts, they have been the best to us. Thank you for everything!

24 Jan 2024 Brisbane
Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Jan 2024

Roopak is a wealth of information on all things Indian and goes out of his way to share insights you’d never get otherwise. His passion for the culture and people shines bright and his enthusiasm in ensuring guests are catered for is heartwarming. Book this tour!!! You’ll be happy you did. 😃

16 Jan 2024 Trier
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Dec 2023

We booked the experience with Nidhi and Roopak for 2 people traveling from Germany. Some days before the start they already showed their expertise in communicating to us. We got a lot of useful information about the different religions of India, must do sightseeing, a very good description how to find the building, and much more. Roopak was very accurate and responsive in the communication which is very much needed when you are a first time traveler to India. We even got the chance to visit them earlier as planned, because our flight arrived in the morning and it would have cost too much time to go to the hotel first and after checking in to Roopak. That helped a lot. We were able to ask all kinds of questions as both are open minded and very interested in other cultures. They teached us some Indian words and played a quiz with us (which we didn't pass) :-) During the experience, they gave us background to various aspects of life in India. After a very warm welcome we had the chance to cook together with Nidhi a very tasty Chai and a delicious meal. This experience is probably the best way to start exploring India and definitely highly recommend. You'll come as a foreigner and leave as a friend with a new home in Delhi. If you want to explore something special, we would say start with those nice people. They will help you with anything you need. And they offer some interesting add ons like wearing a Sari, painting Henna and some other stuff. Shukrya!

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Ratings (96)

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