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franck 05 Feb 2024

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Feb 2024
Day was ok, Gorge bring me to very nice places, great to discover Dhaka. Nevertheless, he showed up 1h late, didn’t share the planning clearly and asked for more money that I offered.
Dhakas Essentials Free Walking Tour
Stefan 26 Sep 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Sep 2023
He came in the lobby of our hotel and we went around the city of Dhaka. He was very professional and friendly with extremely good knowledge of the history of the city. He showed us around and after our tour he brought us back to out hotel. Thank you Gorge
Dhakas Essentials Free Walking Tour
TAKEHIKO 05 Aug 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Aug 2023
He has recommended me to go outside Dahka because it should be more valuable, so we went Sonargaon, southwest from Dahka by 2 hours car ride. Consequently it is very good option. He is very trustable person and has many options for visitors. I can encourage the persons who go to Dahka to contact him.
Dhakas Essentials Free Walking Tour
George 10 May 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - May 2023
On this day Gorge took me to a rural area outside Dhaka to experience more authenticity and how people live in the villages. It was an amazing tour, we visited one of his friends and had a lot of local food prepared for lunch. He also took care of booking all the train tickets and transfers, which would have been impossible for me. Thanks very much Gorge, would definitely recommend to everyone to meet him and take a tour with him!
Dhakas Essentials Free Walking Tour

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