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Chris 22 Dec 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Dec 2023
Nice and friendly guy. Before you start tell Osumanu what kind of tour you want: many facts or more stories.
Free walking tour durch Kumasi
Franz 02 Dec 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Dec 2023
Osumanu das a great knowledge about the Asante history, include my wishes what to see. It was a great tour with him. Franz
Free walking tour durch Kumasi
Christina 04 Jul 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Jul 2023
The tour with Osumanu was very interesting and he had good knowledge about Asante history. He was at the meeting point at the time and was a friendly person. Thank you very much for the nice day!
Free walking tour durch Kumasi
Sophia 27 Mar 2022

Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Mar 2022
Osumanu is a nice tour guide, but he did not explain so much. He just guided us to museums and in the museums, were you need to pay extra, the guides cave us a nice tour. So he does not has so much work with his tour. Additionally he was two ours later than agree arranged, and did not answer to my messages in the first place, when we were waiting, because he had problems with his phone. Therefore he was in a hurry to get us trough our tour, that was very disappointing for us. We were happy to have a guide throw the jungle in Kumasi, but it wasn’t a good tour like other guided tours we have done before.
Free walking tour durch Kumasi

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