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This is khamis (Giklik) l know the most interesting places of Zanzibar' tropical spice island, full antiquity history & Nature remaining from ancient world that am crave to share with tourists.This is super quality service not hurry/rush Guide.

The beaches in Zanzibar are ravishing, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zanzibar City, once flourishing trading hub, utterly captivated me: the history and melting pot of African, Arab, Indian and European cultures; the vivid shades of every color imaginable; the textures; the vibrant energy of the seafront and markets; and locals who greeted me with “jambo” (hello) “karibu” (welcome) every day,

ZANZIBAR" a historical island, if you deserve deeply purpose of exploring come take a right guide knowledgeable, sustainable, confidence, polite, not rush then focusing on the right matter you wish to get.

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29 Sep 2022
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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022

We had a lovely afternoon tour around Stone Town with Giklik. We booked very late, on the day, but he was great and was there within 20 minutes. He was very accommodating and gave lots of good information. Giklik really knows his Stone Town history and enabled us to understand it all. We would definitely recommend Giklik to others.

26 Sep 2022 Plüderhausen
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Travelled in group - Sep 2022

The tour with Giklik was very interesting and we learned a lot about Tansania and Stone Town. He showed us hidden places, which we never would have found by ourselves. Thanks a lot for the tour. We really can recommend.

07 Sep 2022 London
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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022

I had an absolute amazing tour with Giklik and his amazing knowledge on Stonetown and Tanzania in general. The tour itself was not rushed and we covered all interesting topics within the tour. You cannot go wrong with Giklik.

12 Aug 2022 Luxembourg
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Travelled in group - Aug 2022

After an introduction with much information about the history of Tanzania and specifically on Zanzibar, we walked through several points of interest in the center of Stone Town for three hours. Giklik was an interesting guide and excellent company. With this experience we had a good overview of the city, including places we probably wouldn't have visited on our own.

02 Aug 2022 Nairobi
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Travelled in couple - Aug 2022

all fine and good. We liked the tour

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