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This is khamis (Giklik) l know the most interesting places of Zanzibar' tropical spice island, full antiquity history & Nature remaining from ancient world that am crave to share with tourists.This is super quality service not hurry/rush Guide.

The beaches in Zanzibar are ravishing, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zanzibar City, once flourishing trading hub, utterly captivated me: the history and melting pot of African, Arab, Indian and European cultures; the vivid shades of every color imaginable; the textures; the vibrant energy of the seafront and markets; and locals who greeted me with “jambo” (hello) “karibu” (welcome) every day,

ZANZIBAR" a historical island, if you deserve deeply purpose of exploring come take a right guide knowledgeable, sustainable, confidence, polite, not rush then focusing on the right matter you wish to get.

" Offers Free Wi-Fi "

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16 Nov 2023 Pelham
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Travelled in couple - May 2023

Giklik was very informative and helpful. His English was excellent and would recommmend his services.

14 Nov 2023 Healy
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Travelled in couple - Nov 2023

Giklik was great, he waited for us and treated us like family. Thoroughly enjoyed our day. Thank you for your hospitality.

12 Nov 2023
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Travelled in group - Nov 2023

13 Oct 2023 Munich
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Travelled in group - Oct 2023

Unfortunately, the guide didn't show up and didn't reply to my messages. The meeting point is not described precisely and the google location is in a very small street and not at a popular location, as in front of the darajani market where we also went to check, if the location was stated incorrectly.

16 Aug 2023 Stuttgart
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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023

Giklik was a fantastic guide who has a lot of knowledge about Zanzibar and its history. He adapted the tour to our needs and he has a wonderful and friendly style of talking to people. We would definitely recommend a tour with him when you are in town!

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