Hi to all the future visitors of Shiraz. I'm Bahar and I will be pleased to be your guide and show you around my hometown city of Shiraz. This is my story: I studied Handicrafts (BA) at Shiraz university and also the research of Art (BA) when I used to live in Tehran. I really missed my hometown due to its intimate atmosphere and hospitable people.

I would be thrilled to walk you through the city, where I was born and raised, which I would like you to discover and admire as I do in every basis. As I love traveling, and I've traveled to some countries to be familiar with other cultures and histories in this regard, you will discover the beauties of Shiraz. I will give my best to provide you with information on cultural and historical sites, and at venues of other significant interest. All I want is that travelers will leave my city with the feeling of joy and happiness. I hope to welcome you soon in Shiraz.

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