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Hi! My name is Sonia and I am very passionate about showing travelers the wonderful and diverse city of Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦

Like 75% of people living in Toronto I was born outside of the city, but after 15 years here I call Toronto home.

I have worked in most major large events in Toronto such as the Film Festival, Pan American Games, Grey Cup, Harbourfront centre etc and collectively I have learned a lot of information that even locals may not know. I love showing travelers the hidden gems in this city. As a foodie, I am always happy to recommend you places to eat. You will never be hungry in this city!

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06 Oct 2023 Madrid
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Travelled in group - Sep 2023

21 Sep 2023 Paris
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Travelled alone - Sep 2023

I recommend Sonia she's very professional and gives advices of places and food specialties, it was worth it also the tour mixed with pics is really a fantastic idea ... Keep going 🙏✌️

19 Sep 2023 Berlin
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Travelled alone - Sep 2023

Amazing guide. Really enjoyed the tour and recommend it to everyone

01 Sep 2023 Saskatoon
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Travelled alone - Aug 2023

25 Aug 2023 Berlin
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Travelled in couple - Aug 2023

A great idea and non-standard kind of walking tour! One thing I feel might be improved is sticking even more to the motto of the tour (eg more interesting places to make pictures against ) as I think at one point we just went along the streets and did not care about the photo part anymore (could be because we were a very small group)

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