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Hi, I am Musa a passionate Local tour guide, born and raised in Kibera. To exploring the hidden gems and local wonders from this unique journey through the heart of Kibera. Local insights, vibrant culture, and meaningful connections await. Join my Kibera Tours for an authentic, eye-opening experience. Let's share stories and create understanding. #KiberaExploration..!!! #TravelWithMe.!!!

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19 Jun 2024 Capitol Hill
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Travelled alone - Jun 2024

Our guide was very informative about the slums and about Kenya in general. Learned allot and even got a chance to meet his family and talk. Great experience to see how people live

25 May 2024
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Travelled in family - May 2024

Musa is really a nice guy and professional guide. I travel with my 6 years old daughter alone. He took us to the Kibera.It was very safe and impressive to follow him to explore the slum. He gave us very professional introduction of Kibera and showed me his home inside as well. It’s extremely a fantastic experience to have city walk with him. I recommend him highly if you want to have a deep exploration in Nairobi city.

10 Apr 2024 Budapest
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Travelled in family - Apr 2024

I know it will be a good experience, but never expected can be so great. I am sure what I see from the tour will be with me forever and same to my son.

31 Mar 2024 Pforzheim
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Travelled alone - Mar 2024

Musa is an amazing guide. I felt very safe with him and I had a lot of fun. He knows a lot about Kibera and even showed me where he grew up. This was the best tour in Nairobi I did.

17 Mar 2024
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Travelled alone - Mar 2024

Musa is a great guide. He's very personal and interactive in his touring style and you really develop a relationship in that time if you're on your own (or I imagine also in a small group). I wasn't sure what to expect from this area because I didn't know much going in, and I would call it more on the informative and enriching side than diversion or fun, but most certainly a worthwhile experience that I'm glad I had. I would recommend Musa to anyone and I'm happy to be able to keep in touch in the future (from back home in the United States) and share his work and passions with my circles of friends and family around the world.

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