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Hendrik Jonsson 08/01/2021

Barcelona is a huge city - both geographically and in terms of its history. This tour is selective and tailored - to the Gothic Quarter and it focuses on the history of Barcelona mainly in Roman and medieval times. I had already been walking around the city without much direction before I joined the tour and it really opened my eyes to what I had been looking past and the amount of history seeped into the soil of the city. Shab was super professional, very friendly and full of knowledge about the city - definitely coloured my experience of visiting Barcelona and I highly recommend.

Sandra García Alba 08/01/2021

Mahesh M K S 08/01/2021

Pilar 07/31/2021

Lo hemos hecho con Maribel y genial. Conoce la historia de la ciudad, la arquitectura, leyendas...una visita estupenda que recomiendo a todo el mundo

Jesús Javier Martínez Fernández 07/31/2021

Visita muy buena. La guía Maribel inmejorable.

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