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Mi chiamo Jacob e amo davvero Gerusalemme. Sono nato in America e cresciuto a New York. Vieni a fare un tour della Città Nuova di Gerusalemme. Esploreremo la storia della città dal passato al presente, vedremo le diverse culture e visiteremo il mercato di Mahane Yehuda. Unisciti a me per scoprire insieme Gerusalemme!

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16 Feb 2024 Monaco di Baviera
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Viaggiato in gruppo - Feb 2024

The Guru canceled the booking, just some hours ahead.

17 Aug 2023 Wellington
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Viaggiato in coppia - Aug 2023

Oby and Andrew
13 Jul 2023 Annapolis
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Viaggiato in coppia - Mar 2023

Jacob was a great guru who showed us parts of Jerusalem that are off the beaten path for tourists… city hall, Ethiopian church, ultra-orthodox neighborhoods to name a few. He was always willing to share his perspective and answer our many questions.

01 Jul 2023 New York
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Viaggiato in famiglia - Jun 2023

Amazing tour guide who explained everything in a very detailed and entertaining manner. One of the best, if not the best, walking tours we have taken (and we take a lot all over the world). If you can include Jacob’s tour as part of your trip, do it!

24 May 2023 Hoogeveen
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Viaggiato da solo - Apr 2023

I had a great time at this tour. Jacob was very detailed and gave very interesting facts about Israel. I loved the route he walked us though - many nice places in the modern center. It was very nice of Jacob to take some coffee and arrange a coffee break for us (well, we were a small group). I definitely recommend to take this tour to learn about Jerusalem outside of the old city walls.

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