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The best guruwalks in Oxford (1)

Discover Oxford

4.9(45) Ratings

Discover Oxford
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About Oxford

To name this town is to make reference to its illustrious and famous 12th-century university, but also to one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, perfect for organizing a few-day getaway enjoying one of the most attractive English villas. Located in the county of Oxfordshire, in the southern part of England about eighty kilometers from London, every year attracts a large number of tourists eager to know its beautiful heritage and its impressive architecture, full of buildings of great beauty, its schools university students and their recommended and varied gastronomic offer -with pubs and restaurants of all kinds and nationality- with dishes as typical as their sausages, the Sunday Roast or the Banger and Mash.

Oxford "ford of oxen" is a benchmark of English culture, education and classical architecture. Enjoying this city implies discovering some of the most beautiful buildings in the country, touring its beautiful streets and soaking up the history surrounding this city, one of the UK's favorite destinations, ideal for organizing a vacation and discovering one of the areas of England more interesting. Those who wish to make the most of the visit to the city, it is recommended that they sign up for the free walking tour in Oxford, the best way to explore the most important places and visit the most essential points to see. Some of these places are undoubtedly its university, and obligatory stops such as the Christ Church College of the medieval era, famous for being the oldest university college and for inspiring the Harry Potter movie. The neo classic and iconic Radcliffe Camera is another important point, as well as the nearby Cherwell River, which allows a pleasant walk through its canals and the recommended botanical gardens.

A visit to the Bodleian Library, or St Mary the Virgin Church, as well as approaching High Street, where you can admire the Carfax Tower, the famous Magdalen College and University College, are other recommended plans in the city. Museum lovers have an excellent opportunity to get to know some of the most interesting African pieces in the Ashmolean - one of the oldest. Touring this English city, as well as the most important points to see, can be interesting for those who sign up for the free tour in Oxford, a great opportunity and alternative to traditional excursions that barely enter history and rich architectural heritage and Cultural locality.

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