Free walking tours in Tallinn

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Best things to do and see in Tallinn

Tallin is a city located in the county of Harju while it is the capital of Estonia. It is considered the most important town in the country at an economic, social and historical level thanks to being the main port of that geographical area that is bathed by the Gulf of Finland where it used to be the junction point of the sea route that linked Western Europe with Russia. The city gathers the most representative buildings of the Estonian state such as the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) headquarters, the presidential palace and the ministries.

To get to know all the corners of this city, it can help you to do it together with a local guide who can show you the less known and essential places for any Estonian. In the free walking tour around Tallinn you will find different routes and routes that allow you to visit sites of cultural and historical interest such as Raekoja plats (square next to the Town Hall), Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Kadriorg Palace, Toompea Castle, the Church from San Olaf, the television tower, Kumu, the Church of St. Nicholas, the Estonian Open Air Museum, the Cathedral of St. Mary, the viewpoint of Kohtuotsa, the Kadriorg park or the Pirita convent.

All tours have opinions from travelers who have already enjoyed the free tours in Tallinn, with ratings of the routes and local guides who have accompanied them during the tour. Other cities that have guided tours that are worth knowing are Vilnius, Saint Petersburg and Stockholm.