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Free tour Utrecht Highlights

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Free tour Utrecht Highlights
Guru: Bart
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Hours: 11:00, 14:00, and 17:00
Languages: German and English
Duration: 2 hours
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Utrecht Free Walking Tour: The Charm of the Authentic

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Utrecht Free Walking Tour: The Charm of the Authentic
Guru: Camaleon
Days: Saturday
Hours: 10:30
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
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About Utrecht

Within Europe there are a large number of cities with a long tradition, great charm, history and an interesting cultural offer. The old continent can boast of having such attractive and interesting destinations as the city of Utrecht; Located in the central area of ​​the Netherlands, throughout its history it has been one of the most important points for generations of Europeans, for its great beauty and for being in one of the most strategic areas of the center of the continent.

Known for its large number of canals and its proximity to other Dutch cities, it is one of the favorite destinations of thousands of tourists, who seek to enjoy the beauty of its monuments, buildings and its tasty cuisine; from the famous Bitterballen, a kind of round-shaped croquettes, through The Stamppot, a stew made with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with some meats. The delicious pea soup with smoked sausages from Erwtensoep, passing through the Stroopwafels, some tasty caramel cookies, or the Rijsttafel, a typical dish of rice, vegetables and some meats.

Given the huge number of sites, monuments and interesting areas of the Dutch city, one of the most recommended ways to explore it, is through the different free walking tours in Utrecht that are organized throughout the week. These guided tours will tour monuments as well known as the beautiful Haar Castle, one of the best preserved jewels in the city, as well as some of its many churches, such as Pieterskerk, Domkerky or Sint Willibrord. Other must-see stops are Domplein Square, the starting point for many excursions, or Utrecht Cathedral and its Domtoren, the most famous tower in the town. St. Martin's Cathedral or Domkerk is another recommended visit, a clear example of the typical Gothic art of the country, one of the best examples of Dutch Gothic. A visit to its canals, especially the Oudegracht or its old canal, and the Stadbuitengracht canal that surrounds the old area, are other essential activities if you want to say that the city has been visited.

Many times you do not have the time or the most important points of a city are unknown. For this reason, the free tour in Utrecht is the safest, most interesting and economical way to enjoy the main points of interest, and get to know the most emblematic monuments and buildings of this beautiful town. Other destinations where you can make free paid guided tours are Brussels or Bruges.

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