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Valletta is the capital of Malta and the most important city in the country. It is the economic and cultural focus and the locality that attracts more travelers and tourists throughout the year. It is known for its museums, gardens, palaces and monumental churches (of Catholic tradition). It emphasizes on the rest the concathedral of San Juan that owns in its interior one of the masterpieces of Caravaggio, "The decapitation of San Juan Bautista". In addition, it is a very accessible city by sea thanks to its good port connection with Athens, Palermo or Naples.

One of the best ways to get to know this city is to do it together with a local guide who knows the history and culture of this town. There is a free walking tour in Valletta that will allow you to discover places like the Palace of the Grand Master, the Fort of San Telmo or the Upper Barrakka Gardens, although it is also interesting to know the Casa Rocca Piccola, the Grand Port, the Manoel Theater, the The Museum Malta Experience, the gardens of Lower Barrakka Gardens, the Fort of San Angel, the City Gate, the Fountain of the Triton, the Plaza de San Jorge, the Armory of the Knights of San Juan or the Covered Market.

All Valletta free tour have ratings and opinions from other walkers who have already experienced the experience of touring this city. It can help you decide which guided tour is best suited to your trip and what you want to know about this city bathed by the Meditarranean Sea and which is the heart of Malta.

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