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About the tour

Note: I'll not be available for the next months to do the tour.

My neighborhood Cimadevilla is the essence of my city Gijón and the reason why I decided to open this tour in GuruWalk :) Since I was very young I have grown up in this important place as loaded with essence. Cimadevilla has a fishing village origin that is still maintained and is currently considered the historic center of the city. Its narrow and cobbled streets make walking through it the sensation of having stopped time in a distant time. I will tell you all the history and changes that it has suffered, since although it continues to maintain facades and essence of another era, it is a vanguandista neighborhood thanks to one of the most important sculptures in the country, "The praise of the Horizon" of Chillida, where we will see from every angle A different perspective of the city. We will visit the Palace of Revillagigedo of Asturian palatial architecture of the 18th century, an authentic work of art with many stories to tell. We will also see the statue of Don Pelayo and the Plaza Mayor, but not only that because Cimadevilla houses the best steelworks, we will stop in one to take a glass and I will explain all the curiosities our Asturian drink par excellence :) I will also recommend the best ones I know and also restaurants of authentic Asturian gastronomy good, beautiful and cheap! The tour lasts approximately 2 and a half hours but if the day is good I will take you to the San Lorenzo Beach, incredible and magnificent that extends from the mouth of the Piles River to the Church and San Pedro. And finally I will tell you the story of the Roman baths of Campo Valdés, so that you can go to visit them since for me they are incredible and a "must do" in Gijón :)

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How to find me: With T-shirt and umbrella from GuruWalk :)
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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