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Olympian spirit

Your guru: Juan alfredo
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  • Kourouta
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About the guru Juan alfredo

teacher of taekwondo . owner of accomodation and tour operator activities in western region of greece.

teacher of taekwondo . owner of accomodation and tour operator activities in western region of greece.

About the tour

starting point kourouta beach , we will take you in our transportation to the town of elis , elis was an importan urban centre in the ancient greece. it was the capital of the elean kingdom in western region of greece, this town was the responsible for the organization of the olympic games in ancient olympia.

the ancient olympic games were the most importan sport event in the greek world.according to the mithology it was hercules who stablished the games in order to celebrate the succes of his 12 labors. the sports were organized in olympia which was the most importan temple in the honor of the king of the god, ZEUS. major attraction of olympia the stadium.

the ancient stadium was the place where sports were taken place. the running track is more than 200 meters long and almost 30 to 40 meters wide, the temple of zeus is located near to the stadium.

the museum of olympia is very importan scientific institution because it holds antiquities from diferent periods.

the donation will be appreciated

we suggest flat shoes , sun glasses, hat, not for dissable.

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