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Best things to see and do in Zürich

When many people think of Switzerland, the first thing that comes to mind may be its watches, the cheeses, or its top-quality chocolate but there’s a lot more than meets the eye to its most populous city, Zürich. Although it is located in north-central Europe, this city enjoys a favorable climate that isn’t as cold as other locations and it has been recognized as one of the least polluted places in the world along with having the highest quality of life. When you explore the characteristic city of Zürich on a guided free walking tour, you’ll understand why it has received all those outstanding rewards.

If you haven’t tried a free walking tour, Zürich is the perfect city to get to know what they are all about. Choose from a selection of tours from the GuruWalk platform that will focus on popular landmarks and monuments in the city such as, the Swiss National Museum, the Zürich Museum of Art, the FIFA Headquarters Building, the Centre de Le Corbusier, the Great Minster Church, and of course the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum. Then, you could check out the city’s other charms like the great local restaurants in the Old Town of Aldstadt, stroll up to the Lindenhof Park, take a boat ride in the beautiful Lake Zürich, or visit the prettiest chocolate shop in town, the Teuscher to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

The free walking tours with a local guide in Zürich have all been rated and reviewed by other tourists who have already done them. This way, if you have any questions you can read what other people have said about both the tour route and the guide so you can find the best tour that is most interesting for you. There are tours in different languages and they are scheduled at different times of day like the morning, afternoon, and evening. Other cities with guided free walking tours that you may want to check out are Genoa, Bex, or Leipzig