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A satellite city, that is located in the radius of Spain‚Äôs capital city Madrid, Alcala de Henares is a beautiful place that is gaining traction with tourists. It was established on the banks of the Henares River by the Romans and was consequently conquered and inhabited by other cultures due to its strategic location. This important city is the birthplace of one of the country‚Äôs most iconic artists, Miguel de Cervantes and has long had a reputation for being a city rooted in academics and the Castillian language. All this along with its historic Old Town made it a clear choice for becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Try a free walking tour in Alcala de Henares to discover all its fascinating history and landmarks. 

If you do a free walking tour in Alcala de Henares accompanied by a local guide, you can get to know the city in a new and unique way. Teaming up with a savvy local will help you get oriented in this beautiful city and your guide can give you some great recommendations for later. Your guide will also help you get out of the tourist traps and start discovering the city‚Äôs hidden charms, like checking out the Cervantes House Museum or walking to Cervantes Square. Check out its historic Old Town, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and while you‚Äôre there you‚Äôll get the chance to see the outdoor Sculpture Museum that consists of 58 famous sculptures. Don‚Äôt forget to see the Cathedral of Saint Justus and Pastor, Laredo Palace, the Regional Archeological Museum, or the prestigious and historic University of Alcala. 

In order to find the best tour for your schedule and interests, you should check out the ratings and reviews from other walkers like you about both the tour route and the tour guide. You can also check out the different available tours in Alcala de Henares and the different languages that are provided, like Spanish, French, or English. You can also find tours available in the morning, the afternoon, or evening. Other cities with free walking tours that may be of interest to you are √Āvila, Cuenca y Valladolid.

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