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Skye 16 Mar 2024
Burleigh Waters

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Travelled alone - Mar 2024
My tour was in Ramadan and was originally scheduled to go for only 3hrs. Yahya was still dropping our whole group off to a completely different tour at the 4hr mark having not eaten or drunk all day in 27 degree heat! He brang so much energy and fun to the tour while the rest of Casablanca was resting! He was so knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, not only about Casablanca - but other parts of Morocco, indigenous Amazigh peoples, Berber culture, and Islam. It was a fascinating tour and a really fun day. Thanks Yahya :-)
Casablanca free shopping tour - the best tips!
Howard 21 Nov 2023

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Travelled alone - Nov 2023
Yousef was an outstanding, engaging guide. His professionalism was top notch. His thoroughness and knowledge of the sites was excellent. He had so many personal stories to tell us which added so much to the tour. His relaxed easy going style made the tour so enjoyable too!
Discovering Casablanca: A Journey of History, Culture, and Adventure
Michelle 01 Jul 2023

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Travelled in couple - Jul 2023
Such an incredible evening with our guide! Super knowledgeable and so kind! Happy birthday!!!
Casablanca at Night - free walking tour
Marcos 04 Feb 2023

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Travelled alone - Feb 2023
El mejor tour de mi vida. Yassine es amabilísimo, habla un inglés perfecto, se sabe toda la historia de la ciudad, me llevó a los lugares más recónditos de Casablanca, a los que no van los turistas, y hasta me invitó a té. Si quieres descubrir la verdadera Casablanca, este es tu tour.
Experience Casablanca ⭐ Old Medina
Sharim Benazir 09 Dec 2022

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Travelled in couple - Dec 2022
Zahya was a great Tour guide. We were surprised that, indeed, we were just the two of us in the tour and after all we have read in the different other guru’s opinions, Zahya was very professional and not only shows up and on time but also, the entire tour she was talking us like a friend, which is well appreciated when you are new in a country in different context. Zahya led us to different great points, so even though we have scheduled another tour on Saturday, the perspective and the good work she did, made us feel like we already knew Casablanca and wanted to visit some places in detail. The fascinating is that she is always taking you to different places with food (that looks amazing and delicious, and looks safe for tourist since we use to sick easily 😂 detail that she have never mentioned, but I have deduced for the type of places we visit for a while :) -do not misunderstand me please, places were great and goodlooking because everything looks amazing and the price was correct!- and of course, you will never be force to eat 😂 but dude, in Morocco everything is way delicious! I think this is a considered detail (and not merely the tourguide that says “street food is ok” without caring about people), that makes this tour special and great for any delicated foodie. We highly recommend this tour in Casablanca to anyone, we had a great time with Zahya!
Casablanca by night !
Victor 26 Nov 2022

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Travelled in couple - Nov 2022
When we get to new place in a foreign country we like to begin with an overview of the area and get acquanted with the key spots that others talk about and palces we might return to see in more depth. Our experience with Ahmed, in 3.5 hours gave us exactly what we needed. We saw the historic parts of Casablanca as well as an overview of many of the different neighborhoods that make the city so dynamic. As someone who grew up in Casablanca, Ahmed showed us the intricacies of the Medina, walking along the oceanside and seeing how locals pass the time. He answered all our questions related to shopping, eating, politics and culture. We left feeling that we knew what Casblanca had to offer and that we could now go back and continue to explore. As American, his English was excellent and we communicated well. If you are new to Casblanca spending time with Ahmed on a walking tour is an excellent way to get educated in a short period of time
Streets of Casablanca: Tales and Landmarks.
Stacy 06 Nov 2022

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Travelled in couple - Nov 2022
What a fabulous day! Saw Casablanca as a local would see it. Zahya was an attentive and responsive tour guide and took us to many places we would not have gone to on our own. We had an incredible, authentic kebab lunch. She treated us like we were her friends. She speaks very good English and was very enthusiastic and glad to share her insights into how locals live. Zahya gave us great suggestions for other places to visit in the city. We would highly recommend a tour with her. What a wonderful way to be welcomed to Casablanca!
Casablanca free walking tour with a local
Betty 08 Sep 2022

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Travelled in group - Sep 2022
Ahmed is a very knowledgeable guide. He answered all the questions we asked. He is polite and speaks clearly. Highly recommend him as a guide.
Let's discover together the secrets of Casablanca - Free Walking Tour
Valentine 03 Aug 2022
New York

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Jul 2022
It was a great tour! Youssef was very knowledgeable about the city and history. He explained about day to day life & and clarified certain aspects of there religion and my assumptions of there cultures. He even recommended some restaurants to try. We sat down and talk about lots of things I noticed while vacationing in Morocco and he clarified & explained several things. Because the tour was 1 on 1 it lasted almost 4hrs. It was a great way to spend my morning. Would recommend him. 5 stars.
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