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Hallo ... mein Name ist Josué, aber du kannst mich Josh nennen. Ich bin seit 2018 Reiseleiter, bevor ich auf den Kapverdischen Inseln Gebärdensprache unterrichtete. Ich liebe jetzt andere Kulturen und Menschen ... Ich habe eine Liebesgeschichte mit Sintra, geboren, gelebt und geheiratet ... Ich möchte, dass DU Teil dieser Geschichte bist.

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28 Mar 2023
Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Mar 2023

Being from Sintra, Josh knows it all! He is funny and interactive and takes the whole group along for a jolly ride...

09 Mar 2023 Belfast
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Als Paar gereist - Mar 2023

Josh was absolutely amazing! He put on the full tour just for the two of us and made visiting Sintra a wonderful experience! He had a wealth of knowledge on the area and even pointed out the best places to get traditional Portuguese pastries along the way.

17 Feb 2023 Philadelphia
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Als Familie gereist - Dec 2022

Jesue ( Josh) was very good ! He was on time . Communicated via whattsapp and the app leading up to the tour and even after . He provided sone great tips which made our day very memorable ! Very knowledgeable and would highly recommend him .

11 Feb 2023 Berlin
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Feb 2023

11 Feb 2023 Frankfurt am Main
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Allein gereist - Feb 2023

Absolutely loved the tour with Josue. He has traveled around the world and has vast experience. He is local to the region and has guided me in a very fun and friendly manner through out. I recommend to try this tour with Josue in Sintra.

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Ratings (58)