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The best guruwalks in Dresden (7)

About Dresden

In Germany few cities like Dresden can boast having one of the most important and interesting heritage in Europe. This beautiful Teuton destination east of the country is the capital of the famous Saxony and is considered the "Florence of the Elbe River", for its beautiful location and for its lively cultural life. Despite having suffered one of the most devastating bombings of World War II, it still retains a large number of museums, such as its historic but rebuilt old town and much of its classic-style architecture. Within the country it is one of the most interesting tourist destinations, perfect to be able to marvel at the purest German culture, architecture and environment.In this city there is time to enjoy its cultural offer, its extensive heritage and its tasty gastronomy, with dishes as recommended as the “Sauerbraten” roast, the “Kartoffelsuppe” potato soup or the meat, bread and fruit balls of the “Klöße”, as well as their desserts such as the “Pflaumentoffel” based on plums.

Given the huge cultural offer, if you want to make the most of the visit to the city, it is advisable to use the free walking tour in Dresden, a comfortable way to get to know the most picturesque points and visit the main places to visit. Sites as important as the Baroque Palace of Versailles inspired by Zwinger, the main stop in the city, The Lutheran Church of Our Lady of “Frauenkirche”, the picturesque and colorful neighborhood, and its modern courtyards of Kunsthofpassage, the impressive mural of the Parade of the Princes or "Fürstenzug", or the Semper Opera, are just some of the most important examples and buildings in the city. Other stops required to take a break and enjoy breathtaking views are the balcony of Europe or "Brühl Terrace", the dairy of "Pfunds Molkerei", the museum "Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister" that holds paintings of great value, the Cathedral of "Hofkirche", the old tobacco factory of "Yenidze" or the palace of "Residenzschloss". A wide range of places, buildings and activities that are sure to surprise travelers arriving for the first time in the city.

Performing a free tour in Dresden as an alternative to traditional outdated city tours and excursions, means approaching the most important places in this German city, famous for its overwhelming architecture and its busy cultural life, one of the most important and valued of the old continent. You may also be interested in other destinations where you can take a guided tour of free payment such as Munich, Cologne or Krakow.