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Belfast Free Walking Tour

It all started with the exciting idea of sharing the stories of this interesting city. After several conversations in the Kelly's Cellar pub, the Free Tour of Belfast in Spanish was born. We are delighted to welcome you to this city. We invite you to join us in exploring “the wee city”. What better way to understand the history, the people and the stories that helped shape this city, from the early days of the Norman Conquest, through the arrival of the English and the industrialization revolution to Belfast today with one of our passionate Guides.

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29 Nov 2022 Vienna
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Travelled in couple - Oct 2022

26 Nov 2022 Madrid
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Travelled in group - Nov 2022

24 Nov 2022 Miranda de Ebro
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Travelled alone - Nov 2022

20 Nov 2022
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Travelled in couple - Nov 2022

From the minute we set out from the city hall, for the next two hours or so, the trip had been an extremely informative and engaging experience. Our guide, Mr. English was a fun and chatty person with immense knowledge about the history of the place. Highly recommended for any tourist who wishes to know more about different perspectives on the complex past of the region and how the city of Belfast is central in this part of the history.

16 Nov 2022 Haywards Heath
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Travelled in couple - Jul 2022

Great walk, great guide. It was interesting to learn about the troubles and the nationality and ethnicity divides, as opposed to religion.

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