Jul 5, 2019

It’s so crucial to have the best tour description possible: it will bring you more bookings and will also draw a better picture of the reality of your tour, so that it matches travelers’ expectations. In this post, you will learn, step by step, how to write the best description of your guruwalk: let’s go!

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If you don’t know how to get to the tour edition section, we made a post about it here.


Structure and content

Try to write the description of your guruwalk with the following structure.

1. Introduce your tour

This part is the most important one. You must hook travelers to keep reading. You have to sell your tour, in just a paragraph.

Answer the following: Why is my tour the best in the city? What am I going to show to travelers or what am I going to tell them, and in which way?

Here you have to open the travelers’ curiosity.

Moreover, think about what travelers want from a tour and put it in your description.

Ex: we will go on a slow pace, without stress, we will have fun, with a small group, there will be time to take pictures, it will be a fun experience, this tour is designed for everyone (families and retired people included), they will have the best recommendations to know what do after the tour and where to go to eat …, etc.

Good introduction examples

Arthur in Kampala, Uganda.

Tour description of the guru Arthur in Kampala, Uganda, on GuruWalk.

Christine in Florence, Italy.

Tour description of the guru Christine in Florence, Italy,, on GuruWalk.

Donkey Tours in Barcelona, Spain.

Tour description of Donkey Tours in Barcelona, Spain, on GuruWalk.

2. List of places

After a good introduction, you should put the main stops of your guruwalk, so that travelers can get an idea of what they are going to see.

This list can indeed convince travelers to book as they could have these sites on their list of things to see in your city.

It’s not necessary to put all the stops (especially those that are less known). Otherwise, it can make the tour description very long.

To continue opening curiosity, do not hesitate to end with words like ‘and many more things / curiosities / surprises / hidden gems / places that only locals know’.

However, if you think you need to put more details, put them. This way travelers will have better expectations.

You can write everything in a text, although it’s easier to read with bullet points.


Karla in Rome, Italy.

List of visited places in the tour description of Karla, guru of GuruWalk in Rome, Italy,.
Travelers taking a group picture in front of the Colosseum during a free walking tour in Rome.

3. Invite travelers to join

After the list, you should continue selling your guruwalk. To close the tour description, we advise you to invite travelers to join the tour using one of the following formulas:

  • “See you soon in X!”
  • “Looking forward to meeting for you here in X”
  • “Can’t wait to show you…”
  • “Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to know… ”
  • “If you want to learn and have fun in X, this guruwalk is for you!”
  • “Join my tour and discover what…”

4. Additional details

In most cases, you don’t need to put anything after the third point. Don’t forget that the goal of the description is to sell! We recommend to put all additional details, that don’t help that goal (Recommended shoes / clothes,…) in the automatic welcome message that is sent once the booking is done. However sometimes, depending on your tour or your city, you have to specify some more details.

  • If you have to pay something extra: a transport, a museum ticket, a meal, … You must mention it and put the price of everything.
  • Put YouTube videos. People like it very much! It has a great impact on travelers to see images and videos of the tour. In addition, Google likes to provide value to the user, and it will help your tour to rank better.

Example of Agora, in Palermo

Style and form

You already did the most important thing, but some details are missing in order to get the most convincing tour’s description.


  • The description should be easy to read. Forget large blocks of texts and think about small paragraphs of 4 lines maximum. It should be short, otherwise travelers are not going to read it. However, make sure to add all relevant information.
  • Do not hesitate to vary the words you use. Instead of always writing ‘tour’, use also ‘guided tour’, ‘walk’, ‘free tour’, ‘free walking tour’, …
  • The tour description must be grammatically correct. Your experience can lose all its credibility with just a little misspelling. We invite you to read it several times to make sure that everything is correct.
  • To give more life to your description, you can use symbols. In this web, you only have to copy and then paste the symbol in your text. However, be careful with the use of symbols! Your tour description should always look professional.
  • Verify the automatic translation of your text into Spanish. It’s always better to check it as the translator is not always perfect. It will give you more visibility.


You already know it. The description should be attractive, make travelers want to book your guruwalk. Travelers should feel your enthusiasm and your passion reading your tour description and be curious to know more.

Selfie of a group of travelers taken during a free walking tour in Tehran, Iran.

What you can’t write in the tour description

  • Do not explain what a free tour is, we already explain it. If you look at the page of your guruwalk, you will see a grey box with the explanation ‘What’s the price?’.
  • Do not write that the tour is free. Do not downgrade your work. The tours of GuruWalk are ‘free to give what travelers want’, but not ‘free of charge’. If you advertise that your guruwalk is free of charge, it goes against the grey box mentioned earlier. You will also attract the kind of people who will pay you the least.
  • Do not put a time in advance to book. Example: “you can’t book 6h before the tour starts”  is not allowed. In the case that you can’t do the tour, you just have to block the date in the calendar.
  • Do not copy/paste. Be original. If you copy and paste you are not adapting the content to the user of GuruWalk, and it will lower your conversion. In addition, your tour will not be positioned on Google because the duplicate content is ignored by the search engines.
  • Do not put links (TripAdvisor, etc), although you can recommend another of your tours at the end of the description.

Example of a good tour description

A good example is the tour’s description of Krakow Explorers, in Krakow, Poland. In this case, they didn’t write the list of monuments but they include what travelers are going to discover, which is good too. However, they could have write more names of famous places/monuments.

This description opens curiosity, and is very attractive. It could maybe be a bit longer and have a finish line to invite the traveler to join the guruwalk.

Tour description of the guruwalk of Krakow Explores, in Poland.

Another good example, shorter and more personal, is the description of Arturo‘s tour in Stockholm, Sweden. It makes you want to book his tour directly, and discover this surprise that he prepared us!

Description of the tour of Arturo, guru in Stockholm, Sweden, on the platform GuruWalk.

What’s next?

So you now have the best description for your tour? Maybe it would be time to think about your profile description, right? If you improve it, travelers will know better who you are and that will increase your bookings 😉 Have a look at the detailed post we have!

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