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Hi! I am Christine from Germany and a licensed tour guide of Florence. You are perhaps asking yourself "What is a German girl doing in Florence"?

The answer is simple. 2012 I made the "mistake" to come to Florence for a holiday and I fell immediately in love with the city. So I decided to come and stay. See, it can be really dangerous to make holidays here, you never know, if you'll be able to go back to your home country.

As I love the city very much, I am happy to share my knowledge and passion for it with you. I hope to see you in one of my tours :)

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Maya 09/28/2021

Danke Christine für diese superschöne Tour durch das wunderschöne Florenz !!!

Andreas 09/26/2021

Dennis 09/26/2021

Helmut 09/24/2021

Carolin 09/24/2021

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