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I'm Arthur - my friends call me Zaasa. I was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda. I have had the opportunity to live in a different country for a year, and to travel to different global destinations over the years. From the experiences I had and the people I met on these travels, I was inspired to find ways of sharing the best bits of day-to-day life in Uganda's main cities (Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe) with guests that are visiting Uganda. I founded Immersionug with a group of friends: We are a team of young people that are passionate about our country and want to share the awesome aspects of Uganda like our food, our hospitality, our diverse culture and nature with visitors that seek a taste of local day to day experiences. I worked for eight years in Uganda's leading brewery and the home of our best known beer, Nile Special, and I am a beer enthusiast. I have hosted countless house parties, boat cruises and I am always hanging out with friends on the weekends. I have also hosted countless visitors to Uganda in my home via couch surfing and have hang out with guests on many occasions. I have visited most of the capitals in Western Europe and spent a year in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am excited to be able to share many of my favourite activities in Uganda's cities, with other like minded visitors.

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Renata 09/09/2021

Arthur, was a pleasure know Entebbe from your perspective. You showed us some places that I couldn’t find before this tour and you also explained us about the country history. You are kindly and definitely I will recommend you for everyone that come to Entebbe. Thank you for all

Cian 09/02/2021

Gregoire 07/10/2021

We did the free walking tour with Joseph and it was very interesting. The tour took approx 3hours and went to see a couple of monuments and two markets. It was covid time so the markets were not too crowded, which is actually better (for us). We tried some rolex and Joseph gave us very useful information about the history and the culture of Kampala and Uganda in general. We can only recommend this tour to anyone, you will also visit some places you would not go alone as Europeans. Thanks !

Jose 04/19/2021

Adam 03/04/2020

Great tour. Quick way to see the city and the source of the Nile!

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