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RusiaTourMoscu is a tour company in Russia with a group of guides in love with the history of Moscow, which we are very passionate about. Its architecture and its environment make its visitors also fall in love with it. We want our friends to enjoy a pleasant time. We invite you to share with us the best stories of this beautiful city.

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09 Jul 2024 Skellefteå
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Travelled in group - Jul 2024

Super bad experience. The guide texted me asking me a minimum of 5000 Rupias due to the economic conditions in Russia and because I was going to be the only one. I think if the economic situation is complicated, they should want to make all the to

Response from RusiaTourMoscu
Usted es una mal ser humano en todo el sentido de la palabra. Si usted trabaja gratis lo felicito, pero no espere que los demás hagamos lo mismo, usted no es nadie para ponerle precio a nuestro trabajo, el hecho que el tour se llame así no lo hace gratis, o es qye usted vive en la luna?. A usted se le escribió 5 minutos después de hacer la reserva explicándole porque costaba lo que costaba, o es que usted piensa que estamos aquí esperando que un mal ser humano como usted reserve un tour para ir a divertirlo gratis? Usted no es nadie para ponerle precio a nuestro trabajo y si le pareció caro es su problema, de igual manera usted no hizo el tour y no puede valorar nuestro trabajo. No se preocupe que así ñmismo le va a ir en la vida.
27 May 2024 Alcobendas
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Travelled in group - May 2024

Sergio es un guía muy agradable que te explica lo más relevante sin abrumarte con información. Su castellano es perfecto, pues se crió en Colombia. Muy recomendable!

26 May 2024 Espinho
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Travelled in group - May 2024

Muy buen tour. Elena muy agradable y además, una enciclopedia caminante con tanta información, sin ser abrumadora.

08 Apr 2024 Ankara
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Travelled in group - Apr 2024

The tour time was 12:00, and I waited for the guide from 11:45, but the guide did not show up. There was no internet, so I had no way to contact them, but I got a call around 12:05 and was told that I couldn't go on the tour. I think that if they are going to unilaterally cancel a reservation, they should notify us at least an hour or two in advance. Because the guide contacted me after the scheduled reservation time, I had to change my plans for the day and wasted time. They even forced me to tip 5,000 rubles if I was going to make a reservation for the next time since I was the only one attending. I thought it was a very rude and unprofessional response.

Response from RusiaTourMoscu
We are sorry for your bad experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any reservations for today and we didn’t expect to have a tour, as the tourism is currently very low in Russia because of the current situation. Your reservation showed up at 1:36 am. So, unfortunately, we just didn’t notice it advance in order to be able to warn you on time that the tour was not going to happen at 12 pm. We were willing to reschedule it, however, we mentioned that it would be fair to expect a decent tip (around 5000 rub) for a 3-hour private tour. As I mentioned previously, there are almost no tourists these days, and as far as you may know, these kind of tours are based on tips. So if there is a big group, the tip is sufficient. But if there is 1 o 2 people, we are forced to let tourists know before the tour happens, that we hope to be rewarded properly for a private 3-hour tour.
07 Apr 2024 Buenos Aires
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

A pesar del frío disfrutamos con la cálida compañía de Elena. Muy buena profesional.

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