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Nuremberg is a German city that is located in the Franconian region, which is part of the state of Bavaria being the second largest city of the same after Munich. The river Pegnitz is part of the walled city and although it has been a city that has hosted the most important assemblies of the Holy Roman Empire, after the Second World War, the city was devastated and had to be rebuilt. It was the seat of one of the most important trials in history although it is also the birthplace of the Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer. Currently, we can also find in this city the best Christmas market in Germany.

If you are looking for the best things to do and see in Nuremberg during your visit, do a free tour with a local guide can be an option to know the essential places as well as history and culture through the most important streets of the city. Some points of interest that you should visit are the imperial castle of Nuremberg (Kaiserburg), the executioner's bridge, the house of Albrecht Dürer, the German National Museum, the Zeppelin Field as one of the most important stages of the III Reich, the Catholic Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), the church of St. Lawrence (Lorenzkirche), the church of St. Sebald (Sebalduskirche), the central square Hauptmarkt where the Christmas markets are held, the Documentation Center in the Old Congress Grounds of the National Socialist Party , the bunkers and anti-aircraft shelters or the court where the Nuremberg trials were held.

All free walking tours in Nuremberg have opinions and ratings from travelers who have made the different routes through the city. That way, you can know a little better what kind of experience each tour brings. Other cities that also have guided tours are Berlin, Cologne or Dresden or Prague.