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I'm a graduate of Mohammed v University of Rabat with a BA in English studies.I'm currently working as a freelance translator and as a part time English teacher,in addition to that I'm working with a local NGO called Rabat sale Memoir,my role in this NGO is to educate school children about the importance of their material and immaterial heritage .In addition to that I'm working with American students who are studying Arabic language as translator and interpreter(I help them with interviews on the street or with local organizations and authorities).

I also had the chance to work on an Italian TV show called peckino express which was filmed in Morocco(my role was to accompany the filming crew,talk to local authorities and make sure that everything is OKAY.this experience enabled me to travel extensively throughout Morocco and enrich my knowledge about different parts of Morocco.

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14 hours ago

This was a great tour, Youssef made excellent comments and gave a beautiful historical perspective of Morocco and Rabat in every place we’ve visited. Some of us were not prepared for such long-distance walking, but this is just realities of Rabat’s layout)) Thank you, Youssef.


Akmaral Abdiyeva

3 days ago

Youssef is a great guy! he spend 8,5 hours with us until the end of our time in Rabat and assisted us in getting to the airport. During the whole day he became a good friend to us! He can share a great knowledge of the insight life in Rabat! absolutely recommend.

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Response from Youssef:

I have really enjoyed spending time with you guys,we had an amazing day indeed


8 days ago

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Response from Youssef:

Thank you for your review