Free walking tours in Cádiz


Best things to do and see in Cádiz

Are you thinking about doing a free walking tour in Cádiz? If so, you are about to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and that, at least, you have to visit it once in your life. We are talking about a place that goes beyond the tourism associated with the beach, we speak of a varied gastronomy, with hundreds of locations near the capital with an enormous offer of leisure and culture.

Visiting the entire oldest city in Europe is not something that is done in 3 hours, but you can see the most essential places and neighborhoods. In addition, there are different routes that will allow you to know less known but essential places such as the Cathedral, the Tavira Tower - Camera Obscura, the Castle of Santa Catalina, the beach of La Caleta, the Cádiz Museum, the Castle of San Sebastián, the Park Genovés, Baluarte de la Candelaria or the Roman Theater.

A good way to know the kind of experiences that are experienced by making a guided tour of free payment is to see the opinions of tourists who have visited Cádiz thanks to the free tours. As you can see, they are different and fun activities that make you want to try again in the same city or in other destinations such as Córdoba, Málaga, Ronda, Cáceres or Almería.