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Hello everyone. My name is Hasseb, I am an entrepreneur and working in my own company. I have studied masters in economics, business and law at universities in Jaipur and Delhi. When i was in University, I did some free walks in my free time. now i have started again as it is my passion to show people around the real culture and life of India, especially Jaipur. India is a very different country and we have a very different culture. To understand those differences, you need to have some explanations, so that you can engage with the locals in a more authentic way, not like a tourist.

Countries I have visited- Denmark, Poland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Nepal,

Countries i have lived in - India, Nepal, Denmark.

Countries Next - France, Mexico, Spain, Bhutan, Vietnam, Argentina, Peru and Colombia

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04 Dec 2023 Porto
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Travelled in group - Nov 2023

The Guru really knew how read the group and to keep us curious during all the tour. Gave a lot of interesting information about the Indian culture and good snack places, without imposing nothing to the group. A great experience that I would 100% recommend.

04 Dec 2023
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Travelled in couple - Dec 2023

This tour was one of the best things we've done in india. He covered everything, from seeing the sights, to understanding hindu traditions and indian customs. The tour ended up being 2 hours longer than expected as we were all enjoying ourselves! Would recommend to anyone coming to Jaipur.

02 Dec 2023 Oxford
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Travelled in couple - Oct 2023

Hasseb was an absolutely fantastic guide, fascinating to listen to and great answering all our questions! We felt really safe and much more comfortable exploring with him, and gained a lot of confidence to continue on our own afterwards!

01 Dec 2023 Frome
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Travelled alone - Nov 2023

Hasseb was brilliant, informative and extremely professional. I know I saw places I would never have ventured had I been on my own. Hasseb had so much knowledge and information about the places we visited, the culture and systems of Jaipur and India. I learnt more from him than my whole time in India so far. Thank you Hasseb.

29 Nov 2023 California City
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Travelled in family - Nov 2023

Super knowledgeable and interactive - recommend touring with Hasseb

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