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Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is one of the most intriguing destinations on the planet, as its geography makes it an interesting cross between East and West.  It was first called Byzantium and later on, was changed to Constantinople before being renamed as the current day Istanbul, an economic and cultural mecca and also the highest populated city in the country. Istanbul was a strategic location for several empires over its history, such as the Roman, Byzantine or the Ottoman. With this history, the city enjoys a rich cultural and architectural history. 

In Istanbul, the free tours take place every day, at different times of day, from the morning to the afternoon and evening so you can adapt and get to know the city at your pace. You can also choose from different tours in different languages that will take you to different monuments or neighborhoods of Istanbul. Reserving your tour is free and you can do as many tours as you’d like while you are there. 

The gurus are reviewed by other walkers who have done their free-walking tours and their opinions are all written in an easy-to-read manner online. If you want to get to know Istanbul’s iconic places like Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the Hagia Sofia Cathedral, the Uskudar neighborhood, the Bosphorus of Istanbul and information about its boat rides, Galata Tower and its incredible views over the city, the Blue Mosque, the Hamam Aga Hamami, the Palace Topkapi and many more, you can’t miss the opportunity to do one of these incredible free walking tours that will let you discover the hidden charm of this city where East meets West.

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