These are the free walking tours that you can find in Vienna.

Why should I take a free walking tour during my stay?

Free walking tours are the best way to start your trip. In these tours, a local person will explain all the history and culture of the main landmarks in Vienna.

Moreover, the guides will give you great tips and tricks to get the most out of your time in the city, and you don’t miss something awesome that was just 2 minutes away of you.

The tours are well researched, and are given in a limited group of people, so you could get to understand and ask any questions you have. In addition, the tone of the explanations are way more fun and interesting that the boring traditional guided tours.

Every guruwalk is different and unique in their own way, depending on which places the guru thinks are more interesting for travellers. But the main landmarks that you could find in most of these Vienna free walking tours are:

-The Old City Hall
-The old Jewish quarter
-Heroes Square (Heldenplatz)
-Ring Road (Ringstraße)
-St Micheal Square (Michaelerplatz)
-St. Rupert’s (Ruprechtskirche), the oldest church in Vienna
-Hofburg Imperial Palace
-Mozart's house
-St. Stephen’s Cathedral
-Sacher Hotel – famous for Chocolate cake (Sacher Torte)
-St. Augustine's church (Augustinerkirche)
-The Monument against war and Fascism

Are they really free, these free walking tours?

The free tours concept it doesn’t mean that nobody pays anything, it means that people is free to join, free to leave if they don’t like it, and free to reward the guides as you wish.

The free tour guides expect to receive a voluntary donation at the end. You choose the amount. This () allows the access to culture and history to people from any economic status, while motivating the guides for doing their best every day, keep improving the tours, do it more fun, and also getting bigger donatios.

So, since the free tour concept could be confusing, we prefer to call it guruwalks. A guided tour, where you just pay at the end the amount that you consider suitable.

How are the gurus (the guides) from guruwalk?

The guides of this “free tours” are people that have been living in Vienna for years, and they usually have training in history, arts, and/or architecture. Most of them are official tour guides, even that for doing special tours, like a graffiti tour, it’s not necessary.

Moreover, the people that decide to be gurus in GuruWalk usually are very extroverted, friendly and fun people, that will make your time with them will be unforgettable.

So, What are you waiting for? Book now your guruwalk absolutely for free.