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GuruWalk is an international community for pay-what-you-please walking tours that connects tourists with tour guides all around the world. Our mission is for you to be able to enjoy this type of tour in any place you can imagine.

The GuruWalk community is formed by "gurus" (local guides) who are open, attentive, fun people with great knowledge of the city and who will be your friends wherever you travel.

The other part of the community are the "walkers," or tourist who opt for this type of tour over the more traditional tours, who enjoy unforgettable experiences and most importantly, love to travel around the world doing guruwalks.

A "free walking tour" is a guided tour at a travel destination, where a local guide explains history, culture, and lifestyle. Currently, it is the first option that tourists choose when they visit a new city.

The concept can be a little confusing since "free" in English is a word that immediately makes you think free of cost. While becoming a part of the community, making a booking, or setting up a tour on the platform is 100% free, the traveler has to pay the guide at the end of the tour based on his experience. This concept is commonly referred to as a pay-what-you-please walking tour, because it empowers the client to pay based on their satisfaction with the tour and encourages the guide to always do their best.

At GuruWalk, we call them "guruwalks" so our walkers don’t get confused with the concept. Our intention is for them to understand the concept better and then give a fair remuneration to their Guru, so that we can all keep enjoying this type of tour all across the world.

Look for the city that you want to visit and then choose from all the guruwalks that are available, the different themed experiences, the different neighborhood and the various types of activities to find the best option for you. Book the tour for free through the online platform, receive the email confirmation with all the info and you’re ready to go!

All that’s left to do is show up to the guruwalk to enjoy and learn about other cultures in a fun and entertaining way. Don’t forget to tip your guru’s good work and have a great time.

The star question that the walkers always ask! You choose how much to give, you can take into consideration how satisfied you were with the tour and how much you can afford.

Our gurus are the best tour guides who are at it day after day, who are creating fun and entertaining tours so you can get to know the most important aspects of a city, they know a lot about the city you’re visiting and they’ll help you to have the trip of a lifetime.

This is why most walkers on GuruWalk generally give between 10 o 20€ per person, but as we said, you can choose to give more or less depending on your experience.

If you’d like to join our community of international gurus, all you have to do is click the link here. We’re waiting to get to know you!

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