Hello travelers of planet earth, my name is Belayneh and I am a guru from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can call me "Belay" shortly. My nickname is Professor, because this has a long history while I was in college. I am a humble, sociable, loyal, punctual and respectful person, and I like to talk about different types of topics. I am interested in sports, especially running. I am organizing a running event in my city once a week, along with walks. I am also interested in music, volunteering, performing, and teaching. My country Ethiopia is so big and has different kinds of cultures with more than 83 cities and languages. Most of them are in southern Ethiopia, which is the most diversified state. I have traveled all over Ethiopia in the east, west, north and south and it is very interesting. Ethiopia generally has a domesticated culture. The people are very beautiful and friendly. All I want is for travelers to take away from Addis Ababa and Ethiopia, the feeling of having been in a beautiful and unique culture, and a natural attraction full of life.