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Explore the Natural and Cultural Attractions of Addis Ababa!

Your guru: Belayneh
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About the guru Belayneh

Hello travelers from planet earth. warm Welcome to my profile and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. my name is Belayneh and I am a guru from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can call me "Belay" shortly. My nickname is Professor, because this has a long history while I was in the University. I am a humble, sociable, loyal, punctual and respectful person, and I like to talk about different ... More »

Hello travelers from planet earth. warm Welcome to my profile and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. my name is Belayneh and I am a guru from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can call me "Belay" shortly. My nickname is Professor, because this has a long history while I was in the University. I am a humble, sociable, loyal, punctual and respectful person, and I like to talk about different types of topics. I am interested in sports, especially running. I am organizing a race event in my city once a week, along with walks. I am also interested in music, volunteering, presentation and teaching. My country, Ethiopia, is so large and has different types of cultures with more than 83 nations and languages. Most of them are in southern Ethiopia, which is the most diversified state. I have traveled all over Ethiopia in the east, west, north and south and it is very interesting. Ethiopia generally has a domesticated culture. The people are very beautiful and friendly. All I want is for travelers to take away from Addis Ababa and Ethiopia, the feeling of having been in a beautiful and unique culture, and a natural attraction full of life.

About the tour

Being a reliable Guru of Addis is my the best feature. I will explain the whole history of Addis Ababa through these emblematic and famous places, how it was founded, curiosities, the history, and many other things.

Moreover, we will go to hidden places only known by a local :). If you want to know everything about this fantastic city, you can’t miss my guruwalk in Addis Ababa!

What are we going to visit:

-Mesqel Square

- UNECA and Africa Union

-Merkato Market

-Piassa (Old town)

-University ( Ethnological Museum)

- Shiromeda Cultural Cloth Market

-Entoto Mountain

-Local and Indigenous drinks and foods

-Religious Heritage

-National Museum

-Arat Kilo and Kasanchis

-Shola Market

-This tour also takes to Debire Zeyit ( Bishoftu) Lakes Depending on the traveler time probably in next day of the tour.

Most Unique things of Ethiopia

1. Calendar and Time

The Ethiopian calendar is closely related to the Coptic and Julian calendars, but it is not quite the same. Ethiopia has 13 months. The 12 months have 30 days each and the 13 month has 5 days and 6 days once in four year that making Ethiopia 7 and half years behind the Gregorian calendar. Ethiopia celebrates its new year in every September first of Ethiopian calendar.

Ethiopia is in the GMT + 3 hours’ time zone. The sun dictates the Ethiopian Time. When you get up early in the morning you start by counting one and you end up at twelve when the day ends, and start counting again from one when the night begins and end at twelve o’clock just before the sunrises in the morning. The Ethiopian midday and midnight is six o’clock.

So be aware that the counting system of Ethiopian time and date is not the same as you some local people can understand your counting system too.

2. Amharic Alphabet

Ethiopia has its own Alphabet and numeric. Amharic is the main language of Ethiopia. Amharic Alphabet has 35 main letters with having 6 each relatives.

3. Food

Ethiopian Food is Diverse, Spicy and exotic. Injera is the stable or dominant food of Ethiopians which takes 3 days to bake. Injera is made from cereal grain known as Teff. Injera can be served with a rainbow of different foods such as meat, Vegetable, pulses and soon. Ingera can be eaten by hand rather not by folks and spoon.

4. Coffee

The most coffee grown place in Ethiopia are Keffa in south, Jimma in south west, Welega in North West and Harar in the East. The preferable coffee to drink is from the boiled coffee pot than the machine coffee.

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an important part of Ethiopian culture. It involves roasting coffee beans and preparing boiled coffee in a vessel akin to the ibriks. The coffee ceremony involves processing the raw, unwashed coffee beans into finished cups of coffee.

5. The Cradle of Human kind ( Hominid) and Never colonized

6. Music and Dancing ( Eskista)

The music of Ethiopia is extremely diverse. It uses distinct modal system that is pentatonic, with characteristically long intervals between some notes. Even if you can’t understand the words, Ethiopian music is so expressive and soulful that you will enjoy it anyway! Traditional Ethiopian dance is unique. Mainly comprised of fast, rhythmic upper body movements, the dancing is not only beautiful, but tells a story of life, culture, and tradition in Ethiopia. There is some cultural restaurant that have the Ethiopian cultural live dance music along with the food in every evening.

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How to find me: You can find me at the main Entrance of Century Mall. You can recognize me by my long and straight hair. Although if you don't want to come at Century Mall, I can pick you from your hotel or any staying place.
Tour duration: 4 hours

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A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give €10 per person, some people give US‎$ 50, you choose the price.

For organizational purposes, it is mandatory to book the tour. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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5 months ago

Belayneh fue muy amable y estuvo muy atento en todo momento a lo que yo quería conocer. Viajamos en todos los transportes disponibles en la ciudad, cosa que sola no hubiera hecho. Me acompaño a comprar chip y me ayudo en todo momento. Súper recomendable!

Bratislava schone naci


6 months ago

- [ ] I just came from the Addis Ababa tour with Belay! He is an amazing and reliable person. A honest guy and has loads of knowledge about his country. He took me to a /taxi tour for around 8 hours. We got to see the main churches, went to the Entoto mount, National Museum where he helped me to understand a bit of the pre-history of mankind. We walked around the busy Merkato where locals come to buy and sell all kinds of products for retail. We had a lunch at a traditional restaurant and tasted a bit of the unique Ethiopian cuisine. After that we went to the Tomako coffee where we tried the delicious macchiato. Not satisfied we went to a traditional coffee ceremony. Despite I was very tired from my flight the previous night, we did a great tour. There was much more to see but I couldn’t stay more. I highly recommend him as your guide. It doesn’t feel much safe to walk by yourself as many local will approach you talking in their language. There are no many tourists around so you can be an easy target to anyone with bad intentions. Walking around with him a felt safe.



7 months ago

Great tour and great guide. You feel more that you are in a friendship journey discovering Addis more than an official guided tour. 100% recomended

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