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Jan has spent time living in Thailand and Japan and is now back in Singapore with fresh eyes (and ears) for anything pertaining to Singapore's history, culture and the arts. As someone who’s travelled extensively, his cultural sensibilities extend beyond the shores of this little red dot. He enjoys answering questions and sharing his honest perspectives of Singapore.

Now and today, Jan runs these walking tours with a bunch of his loveliest mates, Roy, Stephen, Edwina and Jamie. Say hi and give us a hug when we see you!

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19 Jun 2024 Austin
Guided by Jamie
Travelled in group - May 2024

So fun! Visited a lot of cool 'hoods and learned a nice bit of Singaporean history and culture. Such a positive attitude, engaging, entertaining, and a couple of very sweet surprises from Jamie (our tour guide). Highly recommend!

17 Jun 2024 Athens
Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Jun 2024

Roy was an amazing, fun guide who had a lot of knowledge and a great way of sharing it. We spent over 3.5h walking around the ethnic neighborhoods of Singapore learnt about the city's past and present. I highly recommend this tour and if you are lucky Roy will guide you through the city.

16 Jun 2024 Hamburg
Verified booking
Travelled in couple - May 2024

Kurzweilige Tour mit Pausen zur richtigen Zeit. Wir haben sehr viel über Singapur erfahren.

15 Jun 2024 Brisbane
Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Jun 2024

Very interesting tour. We would advise to do it at the beginning of your stay in Singapore, as you make use of the metro to move between the various parts of the city, and we found it helpful to understand how the public transport system works.

14 Jun 2024 Madrid
Guided by Jamie
Travelled in group - Jun 2024

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