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Cheryl 01 Dec 2022

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Travelled in group - Dec 2022
Overall, Rain was great at coordinating the meeting point and guiding us. However, during the tour, there were times he seemed not to know things but would not acknowledge that but would instead change the subject. It would have been nicer if he said he didn't know more directly. We also did not like that there were often silences and he would sometimes share information with one group member without waiting for others to arrive at that point. Because of this, some information was lost for some group members. We still enjoyed the tour but see room for improvement :) Rain was friendly and open to questions.
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Antonio 03 Mar 2022

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Travelled in couple - Mar 2022
Mister T is the best, he really know a lot of information. He answer all ours questions, and told us a lot of curiosity details. He is really funny we had a wonderfull time with him!
Discover Angkor Wat Sunrise - Free Walking Tour
Marcel 18 Mar 2020

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Travelled in group - Mar 2020
We loved the tour with Rain. He’s really kind and knows a lot about the temples. We definitely recommend the tour with him!
Discover Angkor Wat Sunrise - Free Walking Tour

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