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My name is Ksenia. I represent a group of guides in Moscow. We take pride in living in this beautiful city and absolutely adore showing it off to new visitors!

We are so passionate about travel because it is such a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons. The opportunity to visit different countries and learn about different cultures, customs and traditions is priceless. The chance to explore a new city, try local food, visit flea markets and festivals creates memories for a lifetime. And of course, going on a tour with locals is imperative because only the local people can give show you the secrets of the city: the most fun, the best restaurants, and the best food – the best experiences.

We love greeting everybody that comes to this amazing city and proudly introducing them to our culture and history, sharing with them all the reasons we love Russia as much as we do.

MoscowMe is all about providing our tourists with excellent service – of a kind that they rave about for years to come. For the rest of your life you will remember Moscow and me and say to yourself: “Oh, I remember that wonderful tour and that girl that just made it unforgettable!”

There is so much to do in Moscow and trying to fit in all of the sights and activities can be stressful. At MoscowMe we take that job off your hands and guarantee you an action-packed adventure that fits your budget and your timetable.

You will absorb more, interact more and experience more than most tourists could ever dream of! You are in fantastic hands!

Our tours are highly personalized and will always fulfill your expectations. Come and enjoy a positive and friendly environment because this is about more than just a holiday – this is a chance to make new connections and friends!

Ksenia Terenteva

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Andrey 09/23/2021

Kushal 09/14/2021

Alexander is a very good expert in Russian history. You can discuss with him all topics Russian and he will answer patiently! Impressed by him, We took another walking tour with him the same day - Moscow Metro Walking Tour - which is also highly recommended.

Dominic 09/14/2021

Puneet 09/14/2021

Alaz 09/14/2021

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