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5/5 - The tour was really good.

very instructive, various and funny. our guide was julia. a nice, smart and helpfull young woman. a typical venitian girl who kows her city very well.

but i would like to say that the tour is not really free because, at the end, when it is time to say thank you very much and good bye, if other participants give tips, everyone feel then obliged to tip as well (€)

it is well- i do not blame julia but i'm sorry, it is not really a free walk.

and considering the high prices of venice, this choice was a break in these overspending holidays. too what could be a human experience, a human contribution has to remain mercantile.


5/5 - Our guide julia is a native and a passionate of venice. so she know a lot about her city and wants to share it with us. the tour was very interesting.

Isabelle about tour The heart and soul of Venice 30 days ago.