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An interesting mix of Dutch, French, and Flemish cultures, Brussels is a cosmopolitan city that has served an important role in international politics after World War II. When you travel here, you will be delighted by its cuisine and the amazing architecture that characterizes it. A trip to Brussels would not be complete without a visit to all the important landmarks that make it up, like the Grand Place or enjoying some of its local delicacies like a delicious Belgian Waffle with top-notch chocolate by master chocolatiers on top. Get the most out of your trip to Brussels by trying a pay-what-you-please walking tour with GuruWalk and have a local guide show you all the city’s iconic spots and some of its hidden charms. 

Brussels has many different walking tours in different languages available with a local guide that are on the webpage for you to choose from. Some of the famous sites they visit include The Grand Place, Atomium, the Royal Theater of La Monnaie, the European Parliament, the Old England Building, the Musee Royaux de Beaux Artes (Fine Arts Museums), the Broodhuis, or seeing the Cathedral Notre Dame du Sablon or getting a laugh at the irreverent Manneken Pis statue peeing into a fountain. 

Take the opportunity to really get to know this European capital by booking your free walking tour online. Check out all the tours that you can do in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Also, if you have any questions, read up on other tourists’ ratings and reviews of both the tour guide and the tour route so you can decide which tour is best for you. Other cities that have a walking tour with GuruWalk that may be of interest to you are Luxembourg City, Cologne, or Strasbourg.