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A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give 5, some people give 50, you choose the price.

Reservations in advance are mandatory because if the 'guru' doesn't see any bookings one day, she will not show up at the meeting point. Or if she has too many 'walkers' that day, won't allow you to join without the reservation. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!


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Best things to do and see in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, formerly known as Ragusa, is located on the Adriatic coast of Croatia and has a strong historical current associated with the medieval period. A city that keeps behind its walls and strong years of tradition and culture that are preserved in an exemplary manner despite the fact that there are monuments that have had to be rebuilt.

Doing a free walking tour in Dubrovnik will allow you to visit the best places in the city such as the walls of the city, Lokrum, Strandun, Rector's Palace, Lovrijenac, Cathedral, Minceta Tower, Srđ, Cable Car, Sponza Palace, Onofrio's Fountain, Vrata od Ploča (back door of the city) or the Dominican Monastery. A free guided tour is a different and original way to visit a city like this.

In addition, thanks to the series of Game of Thrones, the city has seen how tourism has increased exponentially as many fans have come to watch the sites where the series was filmed. There are thematic tours that focus their journey in the main places where the shooting of the most critical moments of Game of Thrones took place.

You can look at the opinions of walkers who have already experienced this experience in Dubrovnik to know their ratings first-hand. It is normal to have more than one tour in the city itself or in other destinations such as Bratislava, Venice, Naples, Tirana or Rome.